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Providing cost effective location solutions for everyone involved in ground work and buried utilities.

We are an authorised service centre for both the Tomkat and Ezicat cable location systems.

We also support a full range of other cable location products including:

  • Radiodetection CAT & Genny Series
  • RD400/RD4000 Series
  • RD7000/RD8000 Series
  • C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tools

Introducing the Worlds First SMARTREADY Locator


The EZiCAT i750 and EZiCAT i750xf SMARTREADY locators are the world’s first locators designed to communicate seamlessly with Apple or Android mobile devices over Bluetooth.

Improved mobile flexibility allows seamless integration with 94% of mobile devices, reducing restriction of use and strengthening fleet utilisation.


On-board memory recording all locator functions and readings

Fully integrated GPS technology, accuracy of 2.5 meters

Bluetooth® connectivity to Apple, Android and Windows devices


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The NEW TomKat Range of Pipe and Cable Locators

Starting from £390 with 2 Year Warranty!!

The TOMKAT SV is a data logging, software calibrated cable locator, incorporating an oled display. With this locator you can download activity to an excel spread sheet, detailing the date, time and how long the locator has been used. The TOMKAT SD has all the capabilities of the SV, but with the addition of depth estimating.

To complement the TOMKAT SV & SD Data loggers, we are launching the all new SIGEN HL signal transmitter which incorporates high & low Volume output as well as intermittent & Continuous outputs. The high volume helps get a better connection tone the low volume allows the use in quite locations. This along with the ability to switch from Intermittent & continuous output at the push of a switch lets the Operator locate the familiar pulsed tone or a distinct continuous tone.

TomKat SD SV SigGen Cable Detection

Discounted Trade-in Cable Locators