Gas Monitor Calibration & Gas Detector Service


At CAL Services we are very aware that the calibration and service of your personal gas monitors and detectors is vital to ensure your units comply with legal requirements and regulations. Manufacturers of Gas monitors recommend that they are calibrated every 6 months against reference test gases that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards to ensure the integrity of the sensors and confirm that the gas detector will alarm in the event of a toxic or flammable gas exposure. It may however be necessary for the frequency to be increased where continual exposure to the target gases is experienced.

CAL Services service engineers are fully trained and competent in the calibration and service of portable gas detectors by manufacturers such as Drager, MSA, BW Honeywell and Crowcon.

On receipt of your portable gas detector our service engineers will carry out a full inspection and calibration of the unit. Upon inspection of the unit if any errors or sensor replacement is required we will contact you with a quotation to carry out any additional work. If at this point the gas detector is deemed as being not cost effective to repair due to multiple sensor failure we will offer you the option to replace the unit with a new gas monitor at a competitive rate. Once your gas monitor has passed its calibration we will issue a test certificate and return the gas monitor to you.

Price Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any written quotation for a full service & calibration

that matches the service we supply, simply contact us with your requirements

and current pricing and we will better the price you currently pay.

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Please see the list below for a range of the gas detectors we service calibrate and support.

BW Microclip XT

Crowcon Gasman

Drager Pac 3500

MSA Altair

BW Microclip XL

Crowcon Clip

Drager Pac 5500

MSA Altair 2X

BW GasAlert Clip

Crowcon Gas Pro

Drager 7000

MSA Altair 4X

BW GasAlert Extreme

Crowcon Tetra 3

Drager XAM2000

MSA Altair 4XR

BW GasAlert Max XT

Crowcon Tetra 4

Drager XAM2500

MSA Altair 5X

BW GasAlert Micro 5

Crowcon Triple Plus

Drager XAM5000

MSA Altair Pro

BW Quattro


Drager XAM5600




Drager XAM7000


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We also support many other models please call or email us with your requirements.

Please note: It is recommended that between calibrations the response of the gas detector is checked by performing a functional bump test which is key to the safe use of portable gas detection equipment.

Bump test kits are available from our online shop - Click here for a full list

If you require further information on this please call us on 01934 424467.

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