No Dig Trenchless Drains and Pipe Repairs

July 16th, 2018

No Dig Trenchless Drain Repairs

Drain repairs and pipe renovation without the need to dig trenches. Our methods and latest equipment repair cracked pipes and repair drains in as little as a couple of hours. 

If you have a partially collapsed drain that's cracked and/or a worn out or damaged sewer drain pipe, give us a call on Call 01934 424467 or send a message via the Contact Form.

Cal Services provide no-dig trenchless technology as a non-intrusive solution to disrupting traffic when usual repair methods would be to dig down to the drain and repair by hand.

The methods we offer mean little or zero excavation and works exceptionally well for drainage pipes, residential or commercial sewerage piping and industrial buildings / business parks.

No Dig Trenchless Pipe Repairs - How Does It Work?

No dig or trenchless technology is an innovative non-intrusive method of repairing a drain pipe by installing an inflatable fiberglass liner balloon inside the damaged pipe. The liner is then inflated inside the pipe and left to cure effectively so that it creates a new pipe inside the old one at the specific point of the damage.

Drain Cameras and New Technology

We supply industry leading specific cameras for our customers to feed down the pipes to research and establish the structural condition of the drain in question and locate the damaged area(s). Before the inflatable film is fed in to the drain, you would clean the pipes and sewers in advance with high pressure water streams.

This ensures any cracks or damaged areas are cleaned, descaled, and all dirt or built up sludge are washed away.  It's at this point you would feed the inflatable fiberglass balloon down the pipe to the required area and fill the balloon with air to snugly fit the affected area and effectively coat and protect cracks and damage. The drying time for the liner to set is around 60 minutes,

So, instead of facing the costs of replacing drainage pipes and usual methods of excavation Cal Services can supply you with the equipment to repair pipes by remotely installing a new liner into the existing pipe en situ. These methods are also kinder to the environment by eliminating the need for digging trenches and using fuel guzzling plant equipment, our no-dig technology methods are a much faster greener and cleaner solution.

Buy The Complete Package - Starter Pack Offer

No Dig Trenchless Drain Pipe Liner Repairs


Impregnating Roller

240v Compressor

50mx100mm Ø Inflation Hose

50mx100mm Ø Superline

3x20kg Open Top Kegs polyester resin

5kg Accelerator

5kg Activator

2x Clamp Sets

2x Measuring Jugs

Large Funnel Mixing Paddle

2x Buckets

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