Vivax vLoc3 ML

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The vLoc3-ML with built-in transceiver is designed for contractors and utility companies to accurately detect and pinpoint major brands of buried passive electronic markers. The vLoc3-ML locator combines Vivax-Metrotech’s advanced line locating technology and electronic marker system (EMS) detection in a single instrument capable of detecting and measuring the depth of commercially available EMS markers.

Access the vLoc3-ML’s line locating or marker detection mode with one press of the receiver’s softkey. The intuitive operational display provides simple maneuvering of all the available features – frequency selection, marker selection, dedicated or dual marker modes and access to the main menu for other advanced features. The optional Tx-Link (radio link between receiver and transmitter) allows remote operation of the transmitter’s functions at distances over 300m/985ft.

Built on the vLoc3 digital signal processing platform, the vLoc3-ML is equipped with advanced line locating features such as Signal Direction, Vector mode, Transverse Graph mode, Plan View, Guidance Compass, Distortion Alerts, and Left/Right Guidance Arrows that make locating conductive lines and cables more intuitive.

Data acquisition tools such as internal data logging, and GPS complete a total solution. All site locate and instrument information can then be downloaded for review or further analysis on Vivax-Metrotech’s free MyLocator3 app or available online if using the VMMap app.