Leica Rugby 840 Laser Level

£1,249.00 Ex. VAT

Leica Rugby 840 – The ultimate Rugby laser

The Leica Rugby 840 self-levelling, vertical, horizontal, 90° and hand operated slope in dual axis Rugby is the complete solution. The Rugby 840 is ideally suited with the Leica Rod Eye 180 RF receiver and Leica RC400 control for the perfect package. Using Smart Targeting and Smart Lock the receiver can moved on either a duel or single axis and the Leica Rugby 840 will automatically track and align itself giving accurate results instantly. Protected to IP68, the highest standard in dust and water protection, operating range of up to 800m, up to 60 hours battery life and has an operating temperature of –20° to +50° C.

The NEW Leica Rugby 840 construction laser is part of the most durable and robust range of lasers (Leica Rugby 800 Series) on the market today. The Rugby 840 laser is protected to IP68, a Military Grade Certification and the highest standard in dust and water protection and also comes with guaranteed temperature stability. This level of quality provides confidence when used in the toughest and harshest conditions.

Enhance any of the Leica Laser Rugby 800 series with additional plug and play accessories. Charge and use at the same time with the A170 Solar Panel and increase performance when used with a Rod Eye receiver such as the 140 Digital, 160 Digital, and the top of the range 180 Digital RF.

Supplied with:

  • Rodeye 180 Detector & Clamp
  • A800 Li-ion battery pack
  • A100 Li-ion charger
  • Carry case