Dräger XAM5600 - 6 Gas Multi Gas Monitor

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The new Dräger X-am 5600 is a small lightweight 1-6 Gas Detection Instrument, which is specially designed for the requirements for personal monitoring. It can be equipped with one infrared sensor and up to three electro-chemical sensors. In combination with the electrochemical double sensor CO/H2S a simultaneous measurement of Up to 6 gases is possible. This guarantees a reliable monitoring of the ambient air to explosive gases and vapours as well as O2 and other toxic gases.


  • Draeger X-am 5600 Kits include the X-am 5600 with specified sensors complete with the NiMH rechargeable power pack and charger
  • Small & Robust
  • Water & Dust Proof to IP67
  • Durable Infrared Technology
  • Single or Duel Sensors
  • Various Sensor Possibilities
  • Suitable for EX Zone 0