Cordless Hydraulic Battery Powered Bolt Cutters ARM BC16

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These Cordless Hydraulic Bolt Cutter units are portable battery powered hand held products ideal for gaining quick access to properties that are chained, barred or padlocked.The TCC16 is also capable of releasing chained / D clamped protestors without risk of injury. The Bolt Cutter Units can cut up to 16mm steel, quickly and safely with no heat generation, sparks or risk to the operator.
With fully-charged battery: 
Cuts 50 pcs, diameter 16 mm (5/8") 
Cuts 70 pcs, diameter 13 mm (1/2") 
Adjustable head: turns 180 degrees
The Bolt Cutters Can cut high tensile bars
BCC-16 - Cordless Bolt Cutters
Includes the following:* main body, 1 pce
* carry case, 1 pce
* shoulder strap, 1 pce
* spare blade, 1 set
* battery, 2 pcs
* battery charger, 1 pce
* blade adjustment bolt, 3 pcs
* hexagon wrench, 1 pce
Cutting Capacity 16 mm (5/8") 
Charging Time 25 minutes 
Battery 14.4V, 2,000mAh 
Battery Charger Input AC120V (US), AC230V (EUROPE) 
Blades Powder high-speed steel, hardness HRC63-65 
7.1 kg (including battery)

These Bolt Cutters are some of the best on the Cutting Tool Market.