T3 Tripod, 27m Winch, ALKO Brackets & Rescue Harness - CST4

£2,995.00 Ex. VAT


Two person tripod.

3 x overhead pulleys

3 x fixed eyebolts

  • Safe Working Load: 250kg
  • Conformance: EN795 Class B


The UCL two speed 100ft winch, is designed specifically for confined space entry/retrieval.

Man rated for lowering, raising or supporting personnel.

The load can only be moved if the handle is turned, a friction brake is engaged by a weight of 10lbs (4.5 Kg). An inertia brake backs up the triple redundant braking mechanism.

The digital counter monitors usage.

Mounting brackets available to mount onto the Tripod or Davit.


A full body harness with three attachment points. A dorsal (rear) and chest attachment points both suitable for fall arrest and an extended attachment point, which maintains the user at a near vertical suspension when being lifted or lowered in a work or rescue situation with limited access.