Drager CF10 Escape Set

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The Drager Saver CF10 is an escape set, suitable for making a safe and effective escape from hazardous situations.  The CF10 features an escape hood with positive pressure and will provide the user with a 10 minute supply of air to escape from environments where smoke or toxic fumes may be present.

The Saver CF10 is easy to don and its automatic activation will ensure that a continuous supply of breathing air is provided.  Not only is the Drager CF10 easy to use it’s also light in weight and is made from a highly resistant material.  This type of material can be washed and drained and is also flame retardant. 

Another advantage of using this escape set is the fact it requires very little servicing and maintenance.  The transparent window on the soft bag will allow you to view the pressure gauge n the cylinder without removing it from the bag.

Key Features

  • Requires minimal training
  • Bright and visible
  • Suitable for those who wear spectacles or have facial hair
  • Able to be wall-mounted in different locations
  • Additional escape sets available in different cases and escape times
  • Can also be worn as a chest bag or over the shoulder
  • Consistent rate of air flow until the cylinder is empty (alarm whistle will sound in this instance)