EziRod 30m, 50m, 80m Duct Tracer

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The EZiROD is a length of coiled fibre-glass rod which enables the complete length of a non – metallic drain, duct or pipe to be traced when used in conjunction with the EZiTRACE and EZiCAT.


The EZiROD is available in coiled lengths of 30m, 50m or 80m.

The EZiROD is connected to the EZiTRACE and inserted and pushed along the service under investigation. Using the EZiCAT to locate it on the surface, you can trace pipes which do not produce their own current and which you are unable to induce a signal into.

Additional information

(50 metre coil of copper conductor sheathed by fibre glass)

Protection: Conforms to IP57

Included Accessories: Connection to EziTRACE 8/33 cable set

Weight: 3.25 kg

Depth Range: Power to 3m, Radio to 2m, Generator to 3m