RollPilot D12

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RollPilot D12 - 075.006A

  • Electronic measuring wheel delivers measured values accurate to the centimetrewhen measuring distances of up to 9,999.99 m.
  • Easy-to-read, illuminated LC display directly on the handle.
  • Addition when wheels are turning forwards, subtraction when wheels are turning backwards.
  • Hold function for holding the measured value.
  • The moving pointer shows the exact start and end positions.
  • Folding design and softbag for easy transport.
  • Measured value memory for 5 entries.
  • Metering wheel with 1-metre circumference.

Product code: 075.006A

Technical data

RANGE 0 - 9.999,9 m
WEIGHT 2,1 kg
DIMENSIONS (B x H x D) 318 x 1000 x 140 mm 318 x 540 x 210 mm (folded)