Laserliner CableTracer Pro

£299.99 Ex. VAT

CableTracer Pro - 083.070A

Professional cable tracing set which includes transmitter and receiver for internal and external usage.

  • Non-contact tracing of the transmission signal by the receiver
  • Locates electrical cables, fuses, circuit breakers, metal pipes (such as heating pipes) and much more
  • Locates interrupted cables in existing installations and short-circuits in existing installation cables
  • May be used with or without mains voltage
  • High transmission frequency of 125 KHz allows for exact and fail-safe locating performance without power failures
  • The receiver exactly locates the search object with the aid of a bar diagram, numerical display and acoustic signals
  • Current setting shown on clearly arranged, illuminated LC displays
  • Display of DC and AC voltages
  • Signal coding allows as many as 7 senders to be used with one receiver and is thus ideal for complex installation settings
  • Integrated AC voltage detector recognises and locates live lines
  • Permanent AC voltage warnings increase safety with transmitter and receiver
  • Integrated illumination of measuring points

Product code: 083.070A

Technical data

TRANSMITTER CABLETRACER TX Output signal: 125kHz Nominal voltage: 12 – 250V Measurement range: 12 – 400V AC/DC Frequency range: 0 – 60Hz
SIGNAL CODES up to 7 different codes can be set
OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY CAT III 300V, pollution degree 2
POWER SUPPLY 1 x 9V block, IEC LR6, Alkali
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 68 x 130 x 32 mm
WEIGHT (incl. battery) 200 g
RECEIVER CABLETRACER RECV Measurement ranges: Voltage detection: 0 – 0,4 m measuring depth Single-pole measurement: 0 – 2 m measuring d. Two-pole measurement: 0 – 0,5 m measuring d.
POWER SUPPLY 1 x 9V block, IEC LR6, Alkali
WEIGHT (incl. battery) 240 g
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) 59 x 192 x 37 mm