Laserliner VideoScope XXL - 5m

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VideoScope XXL - 082.115A

  • The camera head at a FlexCamera transfers pictures directly to a LCD-Monitor.
  • Problem locating: the camera indicates what is behind or in objects, walls circuits or cables etc. even under worst light conditions, due to the LED-lighting.
  • REC-Function: still picure and video can be recorded for a later analysis.
  • Waterproof camera head and cable.
  • Ideal for difficult to access areas due to the very small measuring head (ø 9 mm)
  • Multilingual On-Screen-Display
  • Rotation: The manual image rotation function enables the image to be rotated by 180° on the monitor.
  • Formattable SDHC-Card
  • Webcam function
Product code: 082.115A