Leica Rugby 820 Rotating Laser

£1,050.00 Ex. VAT

Leica Rugby 820 horizontal laser offers general contractors the best-performing system for any levelling and simple slope application on site. Whether it is concrete levelling, single or dual slope, the Rugby 820 rotating laser delivers ultimate accuracy all day long.

Different solutions for different needs
Offering solutions tailored to different contractors’ needs, the Leica Rugby 820 rotating laser level is available with any of three receivers:

  • Teamed up with the Leica Rod Eye 140 Classic, the Rugby 820 offers an ideal solution for quick setting of forms and footings.
  • With the Leica Rod Eye 160 laser receiver, receive a digital readout for easier checking of forms.
  • Ensuring the ultimate performance of Rugby 820 laser level and the highest application efficiency and reliability, the Leica Rod Eye 180 RF receiver enables smart functions, such as Smart Targeting, Smart Lock and Auto-Calibration.

With the Rugby 820 horizontal laser and any of the Leica Rod Eye receivers, applications can be done effectively by one person and without setup changes, saving time, materials and money.

Built-in intelligence that works for you
Delivering optimal flexibility and versatility to general construction applications, the Rod Eye 180 RF laser receiver unlocks productivity-enhancing features of the Rugby 820:

  • Smart Lock, increases levelling reliability by real-time monitoring of laser plane, preventing external factors such as temperature changes from influencing the accuracy on the jobsite
  • Smart Targeting, enables a one-person, automatic slope tie-in at the touch of the button
  • Auto-Calibration, provides contractors with the possibility to check and calibrate Rugby 820 laser automatically.