Tomkat D Cable Locator - Depth

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Better by design, the TOMKAT D is rugged depth locator, lightweight & Packed full of features including a detachable speaker (can be held close to the ear) for use in noisy conditions.

Fingertip controls adjust the sensitivity & allow rapid switching between the TOMKATs three operating modes.
  • The TOMKAT D is used to assist in the location of buried Pipes & cables offering three modes of detection.
  • Power mode - Locates live cables radiating a detectable signal. Radio mode - Locates buried metallic conductors carrying a detectable vlf signal.


The TOMKAT D is equipped with Depth Indication & utilises CAL-LOCK - The locator will lock 1 month after calibration due.

TOMKAT D specification:

33hz Cable Avoidance Tool
Visual Depth Indication
Signal Strength
Battery Percentage
Mode Selector (Power, Radio, Generator)
Fine Tune Control
OLED Visual Display Panel

Signal Transmitter (Genny)
Earth stake
Direct Connection Leads
Live Plug Connector (optional accessory)
Signal Clamp (optional accessory)