CScope DXL 4 CAT & SGV 4 Genny Kit ( Reconditioned )

£650.00 Ex. VAT

C.Scope DXL4 Datalogging Depth Measuring Cable Avoidance Tool

The C.Scope DXL4 Datalogging Depth Measuring Cable Avoidance Tool is a sophisticated, sturdy cable locator which can be used on its own or in combination with a C.Scope Signal Generator. It accurately locates and measures the depth of metal cables and utility pipes, thus preventing dangerous and expensive cable strikes during the excavation phase of utility, construction and rail projects.

Four different modes allow the C.Scope DXL4 to find metal cables/pipes accurately and quickly. As a standalone instrument, power mode can pick up on the signals emitted by live electric current in underground cables whilst radio mode detects radio-type signals from both cables and pipes.

When used in conjunction with a signal generator, a greater range of cables can be detected including small, thin, or unearthed cables thanks to the 131kHz frequency produced by the SGA4 and the SGV4. One Watt power output energises long and deep cables/pipes for added accuracy. AllScan mode detects frequencies which are beyond the capabilities of the other modes.

Depth measurement is a key feature of the C.Scope DXL4. It can measure obstacle depth from 0.1m to 9.99m and is accurate to ±5%. AlarmZone™ alerts the user when cables are particularly shallow (user adjustable trigger depth) whilst a Swing Indicator prevents user error by warning if the locator is being swung too vigourously. In addition to depth measurement, the instrument also has peak hold which aids cable/pipe location.

The datalogging capabilities of the C.Scope DXL4 mean that it can store roughly 12 months’ worth of data with comprehensive contextual information for each inspection. 

The IP65-rated casing is ideal for use in challenging weather conditions, the locator can absorb a 1m drop, and C.Scope provide a three-year warranty. 

Key Features

  • Power, radio, generator or AllScan modes
  • 131kHz detection for small or unearthed cables 
  • Highly accurate depth measurement (0.1 to 9.99m)
  • Depth measurement accuracy: 5%
  • AlarmZone™ warning of shallow obstacles
  • Swing Indicator safeguards accuracy
  • Datalogging function
  • USB data transfer to PC
  • IP65 casing, 1m drop-tested