Tomkat SD Cable Locator - Datalogging + Depth

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Product Description

The TOMKAT sd is a depth estimating data logging software calibrated cable locator incorporating an OLED display. With this locator you can download to an excel spread sheet the date time and how long the locator is used. At the same time checking the serial number cal due date and number of records recorded. As a special safety feature the cal due Indicator comes on at 12 months and at 13 months cal stop locks the locator. This is to ensure your equipment checked tested and calibrated by authorized professional engineers.

To complement the TOMKAT sd Data logger we recomend using our SIGEN+ signal transmitter.

The SIGEN+ signal transmitter incorporates high & low Volume output as well as low & high power outputs. The high volume helps get a better connection tone the low volume allows the use in quite locations. This along with the ability to switch from low to high power output at the click of a switch lets the Operator locate the familiar distinct continuous tone.

The TOMKAT sd Data logger along with the SIGEN+ offer many features designed to assist in the avoidance of buried services. This along with the manufactures calibration ensures your equipment is in good working order. This will significantly help in reducing your strike rate. Whether you are new to the TOMKAT family or an established user there is no doubt that this location equipment is exactly what your business needs. So why not give us a call today to experience all that the TOMKAT sd Data logger & SIGEN+ can offer you.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations, and in doing so out perform our competition, at the same time not affecting the quality of our service.

Additional Information
On/Off Switch

Micro switch

Power Mode

Used to locate live cables carrying a detectable signal

Radio Mode

Used to locate re-radiated radio signals

Generator Mode

Used to locate conductors carrying a signal supplied by the signal generator

Sensitivity Control

Used to pinpoint the location of buried conductors

Visual Display

A digital oled visual display shows a solid bar, mode selected battery condition depth estimation & actual time. When recalibration is due cal due is constantly displayed.

Data Logger

Data logger port inside the battery compartment lets you download a usage report to an excel spread sheet, check the serial number & calibration due date.

Speaker Assembly

An audible signal output via the waterproof speaker assembly


8 x AA alkaline supplied fitted typical battery life 50 hours intermittent use.

Operating Temperature

-20C to + 50C

Location Accuracy

+ or – 10% of depth

Depth Reading Accuracy

10% of depth reading at 1 metre

Location Depth (typically)

Power mode 3 meters in good conditions 2 meters in poor conditions
Radio mode 2 meters in good conditions 1 meter in poor conditions
Generator mode 3 meters in good conditions 2 meters in poor conditions

Good Conditions

In our opinion good conditions imply the ground is lose and damp

Poor Conditions

In our opinion poor conditions imply dry compact ground such as concrete or clay


Power mode 50Hz
Radio mode 15-30kHz
Generator mode 33kHz


Moulded from high impact ABS weatherproof to IP54 CE tested


730mm x 245mm x 65mm

Shipping Box Size

750mm x 255mm x 70mm