Sigen + Signal Generator 33kHz

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Product Description

The SIGEN+ signal transmitter incorporates high & low Volume output as well as low & high power outputs. The high volume helps get a better connection tone the low volume allows the use in quite locations. This along with the ability to switch from low to high power output at the click of a switch lets the Operator locate the familiar distinct continuous tone.

The TOMKAT along with the SIGEN+ offer many features designed to assist in the avoidance of buried services. This along with the manufactures calibration ensures your equipment is in good working order. This will significantly help in reducing your strike rate. Whether you are new to the TOMKAT family or an established user there is no doubt that our location equipment is exactly what your business needs.

Additional Information

Transmitter is turned off in this position

Induction Mode

33 kHz continuous

Connection Mode

33 kHz continuous


Isolation transformer allows direct connection via a 3 pin plug connector to mains supply (mains rating is 230 VAC maximum)

Power Output

low output 0.25 watt high output 1.0 watt

Audio Induction Mode

Audible continuous

Audio Connection Mode

Audible continuous tone with distinct tone change confirms a good connection is made

Audio On/off

No tone indicates battery replacement required


8 x AA alkaline supplied fitted typical battery life 40 hours continuos use

Operating Temperature

-20C to + 50C


Will work with all locators receiving a 33kHz signal


Supplied with earth stake & connection leads


Moulded from high impact ABS weatherproof to IP54 CE tested


285mm x 185mm x 195mm

Shipping Box Size

305mm x 205mm x 215mm