Radiodetection RD7200 / RD8200 Precision Transmitters

£886.50 Ex. VAT


Multi-frequencies transmitter.

Compatible with locators across the Radiodetection Precision Locator ranges, such as RD7000, RD7100, RD7200, RD8000, RD8100, RD8200, RF Marker locator and PCMx.

Package:  Selected transmitter with integrated tool tray and standard accessories (Earth spool, Earth spike, Direct connection lead and Magnet)

Radiodetection Multi-Frequencies Transmitter

The fully digital platform of TX signal transmitters has been designed to complement Radiodetection’s advanced high-precision locators.

The transmitter works with RD8100, RD7100, RD7200RD8200RF marker locator and PCMx locators.

Why you need a transmitter?

The Tx transmitter is also known as signal generator. The signal generated are in the form of frequency, will then be transmitted onto the buried utility using direct connect, clamp or inductive mode.

The user will then select a suitable frequency from the preset in the transmitter and pair with the locator for accurate path tracing and depth reading.

Depending on models, user can choose to customizable the frequencies, up 16 selectable frequencies at anytime.

Models available: –

  • The T1 is the lowest power transmitter in the TX range.
  • The Tx-5 has a higher power and induction capability as well as Fault-Find.
  • The Tx-10 has the highest power capability with both Fault-Find and CD modes as standard.

It deliver convenience on-site with an IP65 ingress protection rating, removable accessory tray and a large, high-contrast, backlit LCD screen.