Ezicat i600xf Cable Locator

£715.00 Ex. VAT

About this product

Cable Detections EZiCAT xf-Series locators provide operators with additional 512Hz and 640Hz tracing modes, enabling operators to trace buried utilities over greater distances or to easily detect sewer – camera inspection systems. Additional features include Mode Lock – the locator starts in the last mode of operation and Current Measurement, used to trace and identify services when using the EZiTEX signal transmitter and Extended sonde depth - depth readings to 10m. GIS mapping via Bluetooth connectivity allows operators to seamlessly capture information about the utility they are surveying.  The geographical position and utility depth can be captured; additional site notes and photographs can also be included, maximizing the survey process


  • 512Hz and 640Hz Tracing Modes
  • Data Logging Option
  • Current Measurement
  • Data Logging Option
  • Bluetooth connectivity option
  • UK Network Rail approved
  • Built-in test function