Vivax vScan Standard Receiver Bluetooth & GPS

£800.00 Ex. VAT



Product Description

The vScan is the latest in Cable Avoidance Tools from Vivax - Metrotech.

Cost savings: The unit has Self-test/calibration meaning no requirement to send the equipment for regular and expensive test and calibration. New patented approach means the operator can undertake tests simply and results are recorded internally for later inspection or certificate printing.

Future proofing: Free lifetime software updates through the "MyvScan" data management tool which is supplied as standard with the equipment.  

Data Logging: Full data logging functionality to identify correct usage and training requirements which increases efficiency of the operator. Can also be used to identify if the unit was being used prior to a cable strike for instance.

GPS: Internal GPS to log usage and areas of usage Supervisor set up. Units are fully configurable through MyvScan data management tool and can be locked using a Dongle.

Dot Matrix display: This allows customised start up screens (Add your company logo/telephone no. for example) so that equipment is less likely to be accidentally stolen by other contractors etc.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Li-Ion batteries are the most efficient and long lasting batteries available today. Alternatively, standard alkaline batteries can be used. Highly efficient electronics ensure extended usage between charges reducing downtime.

Radio and Power passive modes are supplemented with 33kHz and 131kHz active modes.

Metal Mode is an optional extra for detecting lost manholes and other metallic objects which is unique in cable avoidance tools. 

The handy Compass Line orientation indicator from the vLoc series is also a key feature on the vScan CAT. Makes the interpretation of signals much easier to understand and encourages the use of the transmitter. Up to now this has only been available on high end cable locators, this is unique to cable avoidance tools.

Vibration alerts: Alerts such as erroneous signals, incorrect usage etc. are reported to the user through a unique vibration device in the handle and is intended to report without interfering with the use of the locator. Alerts can also be indicated visually and audibly.

Depth and Current Measurements: Depth and current measurements ensure that the correct line is located and also helps planning maintenance work.

The high resolution high contrast display ensures full functionality in all light conditions, including the consistently high brightness of UK sunshine