Vivax vScan Transmitter 33kHz & 131kHz

£500.00 Ex. VAT

Product Description

The vScan Transmitter works hand in hand with the Vivax vScan Receiver.

It generates a 33kHz signal which can be inducted onto a cable or connected directly with Direct Conneciton Leads. 

The vScan Transmitter is perfect for use where cables are faulty or not giving off enough signal of their own. This transmitter will generate its own signal for you to then locate with a CAT like the vScan Receiver, or a precision Cable Locator like the vLoc Pro 2.

When using the direct connection output. The transmitter produces a full 1W output and transmits 33kHz & 131kHz simultaneously, the signal can be applied by direct connection, induction 33kHz or an inductive clamp (optional – 50mm – 100mm and 125mm diameter).