Vivax vLoc Cam2 Receiver

£895.00 Ex. VAT

Product Description

The vLoc Cam 2 is a cable locator configured for use with CCTV inspection cameras (transmitting 512Hz/640Hz location signals) and a range of battery powered Sondes.

This cable locator comes with 50Hz power and radio modes with a range of sonde modes from 640Hz to 83kHz.

Sondes are small self contained transmitters which are pushed through pipes to find blockages or locate the position and depth of the pipe from the surface. Low frequency Sondes - 512Hz or 640Hz will radiate through both plastic and cast iron pipes. Higher frequency Sondes - 8 kHz or 33 kHz - are used mainly for plastic pipes or ducts.

Vivax-Metrotech manufactures a range of CCTV inspection cameras such as the vCam 5.