Radiodetection - CAT & Genny 4

Buy CAT 4 & Genny 4 Radiodetection Equipment

Increasing Tier 1 contractors and site owners are specifying all subcontractors MUST use the Radiodetection gCAT 4+ & Genny 4 range to reduce cable strikes.
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CAT 4 & Genny Tier 1 Contractor Compliance

To achieve Tier 1 compliance, companies can take advantage of Radiodetection’s latest cable avoidance tool (C.A.T) offering, which allows the CAT to be paired with a mobile phone, to transmit real-time management information from the field, back to the office, for live analysis.

Radiodetection Equipment Reducing Cable Strikes

Radiodetection equipment provides subcontractors with the latest means of detecting underground services prior to carrying out excavation work.
Many companies using this Radiodection equipment have allowed them to reduce utility damage to record lows.
gC.A.T4 is equipped with an automatic recording system which stores up to 2 years’ worth of usage data in its internal memory.
Data can be later retrieved and analysed using a USB lead and a PC and also adds GPS positioning to the usage data recorded.
Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless transfer of usage data to the C.A.T Manager Online cloud based system for near real-time monitoring of operators’ performance.

Improve On Site Safety

The CAT4 range features the patented StrikeAlert™ technology, reducing the risk of hitting shallow cables by deploying the optional StrikeAlert™ warning, this is particularly optimised and enhanced throughout the CAT4 range with the specific aim of to reducing the instances of false warnings.