Instagrid One Max 2.1kWh Portable Battery Pack

£3,095.00 Ex. VAT

Our portable battery power supply was designed specifically for professional applications, providing a power socket without constraints, wherever it is required. Lightweight, robust, powerful and flexible. instagrid ONE is the new standard for mobile work.

Better than mobile generators

With a rated power output of 3,600 W and a peak output of 18,000 W, the Instagrid ONE is significantly lighter and quieter than traditional combustion generators, all the while delivering superior performance.

Lightweight and robust

Instagrid ONE weighs only 20kg and can be carried in one hand. It’s passively cooled and contains no moving parts. It is IP54+ rated and is unaffected by dust or moisture.

Significant cost savings compared to generators

Our batteries are highly efficient and cost 80% less over their lifetime compared to combustion generators. Save money on fuel and avoid maintenance costs altogether.

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